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How to Clean Cosmetic Brushes

We beautify our faces with cosmetic brushes every day, but how often do we clean our brushes? According to dermatologists, most people don’t clean their brushes often enough. Unless you’re one of the few who clean your beauty tools once a week, you’re not cleaning them enough. Keeping your cosmetic brushes clean can also prevent unwanted breakouts.

“Brushes that are used around the eyes should be cleaned at least twice a month. All others can be washed once a month.” ~Bobbi Brown

7-steps for cleaning brushes, sponges and blenders.

  1. Wet the bristles with lukewarm water.
  2. Place a drop of cosmetic brush cleanser or soap into the palm of your hand.
  3. Gently massage the bristles or sponge in the palm of your hand.
  4. Rinse thoroughly to be sure all soap is gone.
  5. Squeeze out the excess moisture with a clean towel.
  6. Reshape the brush (or sponge if needed).
  7. Place the brush with the bristles hanging off the edge of the counter, so they can air dry to the correct shape. Never dry on a towel because you don’t want the moisture from the towel to linger, and possibly cause mildew in the bristles.

Tip for cleaning cosmetic brushes:

Try to keep the soap and water at the tips of your cosmetic brushes. Bristles are glued into the base of the brush and soap and cleansers may break up the glue, causing your bristles to shed.

Also, be sure you don’t dry the brush with the bristles above the handle. You don’t want the water to leak down into the handle of the brush and again loosen the glue.

When is it time to toss your brushes and buy new?

Eventually your brushes will start to shed (leaving bristles on your flawless foundation) and lose their shape. If your brushes have lost their shape, it’s time to consider replacing them.

What about blending sponges?

If you purchase bulk sponges, they are meant to be tossed after one use. If you’ve purchased the more expensive blenders, you should wash them with cleanser once a week, and toss them when they no longer hold their shape. Eventually these blenders will hold bacteria from dead skin cells that slough off during the blending process, so it’s best to replace them regularly.

What should I use to clean my brushes and blenders?

We recommend Lilumia Makeup Brush Cleanser. The size you can get from Amazon is bigger than you can get from most stores, and this product will last you quite a long time.

Lilumia Makeup Brush Cleanser

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